DoniRosset Project began in 2008 when the Brazilian businessman William Rosset decided to create a jewel that takes the name of his father, then, has partnered with the Brazilian designer Fernando Morita (former designer at Volkswagen) to execute this complex project. After four years of development and hard work, the Brazilian supercar is about to be launched in 2012 .... engine will use the Dodge Viper V10 Twin Turbo 8.4Lts with 1007 horsepower and is one of the fastest cars in the world with the top speed of 255 mph.

its price is estimated at U.S. $ 1.5 million and only 50 units will be manufactured by hand, your project consists of an aluminum spaceframe chassis of last generation that serves as a survival cell, covered with a carbon fiber body ... One of the highlights is the driving position that is central, as the McLaren F1 and will have transmission 6-speed sequential.

the project is being developed entirely by Amoritz GT, which specializes in designer.

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